Biomecanics children's shoes are designed to protect and adapt to the foot's shape at each stage of its development.  The shoes are strong and durable, but also very light, flexible, with breathable soft leathers and removable orthotic-friendly insoles. Using the best of materials, and advanced principles of biomechanics, engineering and technology, they produce beautiful and comfortable shoes for kids from early walkers to pre teens.

Biomecanics kid's shoes are the closest thing to walking barefoot, they do not interfere with the physical and motor development of the foot. The sole facilitates the movement of the foot in all directions.

Their unique soft stabilisers and the extra wide heal base, allow babies to control the medial-lateral movements of their feet and to keep their balance when taking their first steps. This innovation eliminates the need for internal reinforcement or support that restrict ankle movement.

Biomecanics was born from a joint research project between renown Spanish children's shoe maker Garvalin, the Biomecanics Institute of Valencia, and the Spanish Association of Paediatrics.