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Rain boots for children, made of PVC Phthalate Free material (phthalate-free PVC).

• Footwear does not contain heavy metals, i.e. cadmium, nickel, lead.

• Footwear is equipped with a reflective element

• Removable insulating insert that can be washed at up to 40 ° C.

• Perfect on the way to school or while playing in the yard.

• Made in Poland by Demar Company

Fitting information

They are dual sized. The smaller size is specific to the wellies with the warm lining fitted and the larger size is equal to the wellies size with the lining removed.

It is therefore recommended that the correct size wellies with the lining fitted is bought in the run up to the winter months so that by the time the child has overgrown the first size the weather will be milder and they will probably prefer not to have lining within the wellies during the summer months.